Denver: Art and nourishment

After our first half-day in Denver, we are already grateful to Rick Pender  (see his post below) and the leaders of the Denver Center Theater for bringing us to the Colorado New Play Summit. The opening attraction was Rogelio Martinez’ ambitious new play, When Tang Met Laika, a sprawling drama of Russian-American collaboration in space that takes on world politics, national differences, man’s urge to transcend historic limitations and, of course, love and the vagaries of the human heart — far too much to tackle in a five minute blog! The play has some of the texture and ambition of Tony Kushner — high praise. But I write now to priase the after party, full of theater people and critics (who are, after all, also theater people), not to mention the little dog who played Laika, plus lots of good food and drink. The CNPS is off to a great start. And now I have to hustle to an ATCA excom meeting.

Chris Rawson, ATCA chair, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette