Some reviews and commentary on the Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 1:42AM
Chris Rawson, Editor, ATCA Communications Chair

Caesar (left) and her Brutus share a drinkSome ATCA members have sent links to what they’ve written about the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, based on the ATCA annual conference, July 6-10.

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Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 31: “The Big Bard Fest in the West is more than just Shakespeare”

 King Hal sweeps past Fat Jack 


Joe and Ann Lemons Pollack, St. Louis Eats and Drinks with Joe and Ann Pollack: OSF    Pirate King rampant


Anne Siegel, Total Theater: Julius Caesar and Ghost Light


Misha BersonSeattle Times, July 10: “Show Goes on at Ashland Festival”; SFGate, July 19: “Ghost Light”; Seattle Times, July 30: 5 plays at Oregon Shakespeare Festival: a critic’s take”

The “Love’s Labours” ladies talk love


Herb Simpson, Total Theater: OSF


Jim Volz, Internet Shakespeare Editions Performance Chronicle, July 20, “Julius Caesar: Oregon Beams with Surprise, Revives Rep with Style, Tries Patience with Panache and Delivers on Death & Drama”; July 22, “Vibrant Love’s Labor’s Lost Adds Vivid Colors to Glorious Oregon Setting and Dazzling Night Skies.” 

  Unhappy families are unhappy in different ways … 


Jonathan Abarbanel, WBEZ91.5: July 6, Doing Easy Time in Ashland, OR; July 12, “A new national theater, with help from Chicago”


Jonathan Mandell, The Faster Times, July 17: Harry Potter and All’s Well That End’s Well: Life-changing or Gibberish?”   


… like Isabella, Claudio and (rear) that meddling Friar  Moliere goes modern


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