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Perspectives in Criticism roster

1992, Feb, NYC: Clive Barnes 

1992, May, Cleveland: William Henry. 

1993, May, Seattle: Michael Feingold. 

1994, July, O’Neill Theater Center: Ernie Schier. 

1995, May, Dallas/Fort Worth: Jeremy Gerard. 

1996, Miami: Margo Jefferson. 

1997, July, Salt Lake City: Sylvie Drake. 

1998, May, Denver: Dan Sullivan. 

1999, Feb., NYC: Frank Rich. Henry Hewes (on right)

1999, June, Philadelphia: Henry Hewes. 

2000, Louisville: Richard Christiansen. 

2001, Feb., NYC: Robert Brustein. 

2001, July, Ashland: Robert Hurwitt. 

2002, Feb., NYC: Linda Winer. 

2002, June, Chicago: Albert Williams. 

2003, March, NYC: Eric Bentley. 

2003, June, St. Paul: Nancy Melich. 

2004, June, San Francisco: Misha Berson. Jay Novick

2005, Feb., NYC: Julius Novick. 

2005, June, Los Angeles: Norman Lear, keynote at first National Critics Conference. 

2006, Feb, NYC: John Simon. 

2006, June, Shaw Festival: Leonard Conolly on GBS as a critic;
Stratford Festival: Ian Herbert and Robert Cushman on “Critics and the Bard.”

2008, June, Washington, D.C.: Trey Graham, Peter Marks and Bob Mondello. Michael Riedel

2009, April, Sarasota: theater columnist Michael Riedel.

2009, Oct., NYC: producer Ken Waissman.

2010, Feb., Denver: ATCA panel of Christine Dolen, Jeffrey Jenkins, Chris Jones and Chris Rawson, moderated by Jim Steinberg.

Michael Phillips2010, July, O’Neill Theater Center: film critic (and former ATCA member and theater critic at a half-dozen papers) Michael Phillips.

2011, Feb., NYC: playwright-director-artistic director Emily Mann, playwrights Adam Rapp and Richard Nelson and artistic director Tim Sanford. Click for transcript.

2011, July, Ashland, Oregon: Jim O’Quinn.

2012, June, Chicago: Terry Teachout. Click for transcript.

2013, July, Shepherdstown, WV: Jason Zinoman. Click for transcript

2014, April, Louisville: Lauren Gunderson. Click for transcript.

2014, Nov., NYC: playwrights Arthur Kopit, David Henry Hwang, Doug Wright and Tina Howe.Arthur Kopit, David Henry Hwang, Doug Wright and Tina Howe with copies of ATCA’s “Under the Copper Beech” (at right, moderator Chris Rawson)

2015, March, New Orleans: Hedy Weiss. Click for audio recording.

2016, April, Philadelphia, Diep Tran. (Click for transcript.)