ATCA sponsors several kinds of professional development. In the U.S., there are occasional weekend-long New Critics Seminars and very occasional Experienced Critics Seminars.

ATCA also endorses applicants for the two or three Young Critics Seminars offered each year, usually in Europe, by the International Association of Theatre Critics, of which ATCA is the American section.

Currently, upcoming International Young Critics Seminars are posted on our International page, but for full details you should go to the International Committee’s own site, ATCA International.

Normally, seminars (whether national or international) provide participants with housing costs and some meals. Upon application, Foundation ATCA can sometimes provide funds to help with travel. All these seminars are generally reserved for ATCA members, but non-members may be able to join in time to be considered.

There’s also the long-established National Critics Institute each July at the O’Neill Theater Center in Connecticut, with which ATCA has had a long and supportive relationship and for which it provides an annual scholarship. In that case, applications are made directly to the O’Neill.

Details of planned U.S. seminars will appear here as they are scheduled.



Proposals for critic seminars sought

Annually, ATCA hopes to sponsor one or more weekend seminars for new or experienced critics, organized around local theater events (a fringe festival, say) or theater subjects (such as the study of a playwright in his home town). Members or other interested in organizing or hosting such a seminar should send any suggestions or proposals to the executive committee.