ATCA member Randy Gener assaulted

ATCA member Randy Gener assaulted

Hopeful update from ATCA chair (Feb. 10) 
Police say not a hate crime (Jan. 30).
comprehensive update (Jan. 28).
Update about the arrest of a suspect (Jan 29).
Howard Sherman column, with pictures of the candlelight vigil (Jan. 28).
NYT report.
How to contact Randy.
Some ATCA responses. 

Randy Gener

Long-time ATCA member Randy Gener, 2008 winner of the George Jean Nathan Award, was assaulted at midtown Manhattan on Jan. 17 and taken to a hospital where he had brain surgery. A LGBT activist, Randy may have been victim of a hate crime. A free-lancer, Randy had no health insurance: fund-raising is underway. There will be a candlelight vigil in Manhattan at 7th and 53rd this evening (Sunday, Jan. 26) at 6 pm. All ATCA grieves.

Some of Randy’s accomplishments.

Randy’s sister is posting current information on his Facebook page.

There will be a prayer rally for Randy at the Philippine Consulate this evening (Monday, Jan. 27) at 7 pm.

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