ATCA-PPF20 visit with Chance Theater now includes a show

ATCA-PPF20 visit with Chance Theater now includes a show

On Thursday April 23, attendees of ATCA-PPF20 programming associated with the Pacific Playwrights Festival in Costa Mesa will get to know Anaheim’s Chance Theater from several different perspectives. As already reported, members will meet Chance Theater’s Founding Artistic Director Oanh Nguyen in the first afternoon conference session “Putting it Together: How Artistic Directors Pick a Season.” For more details of what might have been, now moot because of the pandemic:

And Thursday evening, interested registered attendees enjoy an exciting “off campus” addition to the already packed Festival show schedule. Registered attendees wlll travel to the Chance Theater Bette Aitken Theater Arts Center in Anaheim for a production of Kristoffer Diaz’s Pulitzer Prize Finalist play “The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity,” a musing on storytelling and professional wrestling.

New details are being added almost daily. To register for the conference or see the latest schedule updates and information, visit the conference registration page

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