ATCA writes about CATF (1)

ATCA writes about CATF (1)

Charles Giuliano of the website Berkshire Arts wins the prize for most immediate (starting 7/22) and fullest (eight stories!) coverage of ATCA’s visit to the Contemporary American Theater Festival. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Sharon Eberson published two pieces (plus a TV report by Chris Rawson), and Dick Kerekes and Lesila Sansom have one on the EU Jacksonville site. We’re waiting to hear of others. Click for individual links:

Giuliano’s intro piece was followed by reviews of Liz Duff Adams’ “A Discourse on the Wonders of the Invisible World,” Jon Kern’s “Modern Terrorism,” Sam Shepard’s “Heartless” and Jane Martin’s “H2O.” Giuliano also transcribed a two-part interview with CATF founder and producing director Ed Herendeen: “Presenting and Defending New Plays at CATF” and “Taking the Fear Out if Failure at CATF.” He has witheld his review of Mark St. Germain’s “Scott and Hem[ingway] in the Garden of Allah” until the next step in its “rolling world premiere” at Barrington Stage in his home Berkshires, Aug. 15-Sept. 29, but he has done an interview with St. Germain.

The two pieces in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette were Sharon Eberson’s July 25 package of reviews and July 28 travel piece on the Shepherdstown area (and note Chris Rawson’ssidebar on Shepherdstown coffee), plus Rawson’s brief July 25 report on KDKA-TV.

Add this July 26 web article from Dick Kerekes and Lesila Sansom

Let us know of more stories.

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