ATCA/O’Neill ends in glow of satisfaction

ATCA/O’Neill ends in glow of satisfaction

The Conference Hat: To embarrass the conference chair (this year, Chris Rawson), on the final day he’s made to wear a hat laden with memorabilia from previous conferences, presented by the previous conference chair (Jay Handelman, right, who chaired Sarasota). The chief recompense is that Rawson will get to add something from the O’Neill and embarrass whomever chairs next year’s Ashland conference.

The conference ended July 18 with the satisfaction of much accomplished. (The next day it poured in New London, but that’s another story.) As soon as we rejoin life in our home cities, we hope to get those accomplishments posted here — officers elected, actions taken, awards given, decisions made, insights achieved.

Meanwhile, look back on the conference blog here — now 13 posts and still counting. And if you wish you’d been there or want to know what you missed, go to the conference page and find the full schedule.

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