#ATCASF17 launches Twitter campaign!

#ATCASF17 launches Twitter campaign!

The host committee of the ATCA annual conference in San Francisco is launching a Twitter campaign to promote the event and its participants and sponsors, and to enhance the overall ATCA social media presence.

All ATCA members registered for the conference are encouraged to participate beginning today, June 8. Just tweet your comments, photos, news, information, experiences and/or observations about the conference and its programming, San Francisco and its theatre scene, or anything else related to the event — before, during and immediately after — using the #ATCASF17 identifier.

As a “friendly competition” incentive, the host committee will pay the 2017-2018 ATCA dues (a $100 value) for the participating member who achieves the most re-tweets of their posts as measured by the Twitter website. 

Tweeting can begin immediately and the measurement window will continue until noon in San Francisco, Wed., June 21, when the winner will be announced by — you guessed it – a tweet from @Theatre_Critics, the official ATCA Twitter handle. Tweets can be about anything related to your participation in the conference and photos are highly encouraged! The conference host committee, members of the ATCA executive committee and campaign manager Jonathan Mandell may participate but are not eligible for the paid-dues prize. All questions will be decided by the host committee and campaign manager.

Questions? Email atca-sf17@americantheatrectics.org for a quick reply. So, bring your devices and make sure your app is downloaded and up to date. Ready? Set. Tweet! #ATCASF17.

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