Bill Blog (Hirschman, that is)

Bill Blog (Hirschman, that is)

Ah, to be in New York City when the sleet’s in bloom! Okay, it’s not April in Paris. Nor Fort Lauderdale in February (one of the most beautiful times of the year back home). But it’s not like we’re standing on an El platform in The Loop with nothing between us and the Arctic Circle but a couple of barbed wire fences. But where else can you see The Addams Family, Mamma Mia and Spiderman: Will The Last Person Leaving Please Turn Off The Dark?

It’s truly wonderful seeing folks again, a little grayer, a little balder (that’s me, I’m referring to). Again, I get to celebrate my birthday week with these folks. Saw Angels In America Part I at Signature Wednesday and Gruesome Playground Incidents Thursday. Earnest tonight.

We miss y’all who couldn’t make it, especially Ron Levitt who donated his tickets and hope to see you in Ashland even if you have to hire a wagon train to get there. — Bill Hirschman, South Florida

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