Charles Giuliano on ‘Eastland’ and the ATCA website

Charles Giuliano on ‘Eastland’ and the ATCA website

Charles Giuliano reviews “Eastland” at Lookingglass (click here) and then responds to the ATCA website:

Overall the Chicago conference was rich and insightful.
Johnathan did a great job of organizing theatre and panels.
I enjoyed meeting and interacting with other critics.
It would have been better to have that integrated into the program.
Like more time for discussion and debate.
There was a lot to say about the website but your [Chris Rawson, communications chair] report left scant precious minutes for fresh ideas.
This was generally true for the panels.
They only became lively and relevant when they were finally opened for member comments and questions.
On balance they seemed more structured than spontaneous.
Terry Teachout may be America’s Critic but so are we.
The opportunity to tap into that diversity and life experience never really happened.
That also seems to be the limitation of the static format of the website.
There is enormous potential for discussion and debate in a time of significant change.
The website could be a matrix for that dialogue rather than as a place for news about ATCA.
It should be an exciting and constantly evolving locus for critical dialogue.
In a manner which is up to speed with the fast changing internet world.
As it currently stands it seems like an after thought of print journalists.
If criticism is to remain relevant it must progress at warp speed.
Beam me up Scottie.

Best, Charles Giuliano, Berkshire Fine Arts

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