Not an individual milestone, this is about milestones for many.

Reporter Ada Tseng of the Orange County bureau of the LA Times was writing a story about Tom Titus, who has been writing an “On Theater” column for 54 years. She asked if ATCA had statistics on longevity. In reply, Chris Rawson, senior critic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who claims to be “a relative youngster who’s been reviewing for only 39 years,” told her that “ATCA doesn’t keep official statistics on this. But the longest serving theater critic I can think of is Michael Billington, who has been reviewing for The Guardian (England) for 48 years and reviewed for smaller papers for 10 years before that – so 58 years and still going strong.”

Can other ATCA members think of critical careers spanning 50 years or more? Send replies to and we’ll report back.

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