David John Chávez | ATCA chair in GMA article on Broadway reopening

David John Chávez | ATCA chair in GMA article on Broadway reopening

Block party after first performance of “Pass Over” August 4, 2021. Photo: Jeenah Moon/The New York Times via Redux

Journalist Kiara Alfonseca spoke with advocates, artists of color, journalists, and others on the re-opening of Broadway and theater’s engagement many dimensions of diversity. Her piece “As Broadway reopens, theater industry confronts racial inequality criticism” published September 14, 2021 captures the excitement of this moment of theaters re-opening in American’s theater capital as well as hopes, fears, and challenges facing the field.

The piece also features ATCA’s current Executive Committee Chair David John Chávez.

“When you walk into most of our theaters, they are white spaces,” said David John Chávez, the first critic of color to lead the American Theatre Critics Association. “Every system in the country seems to be asking the same questions: Where’s the equity? Where are the voices?”

Research study findings are cited from The Asian American Performers Action Coalition (AAPAC) and Actors’ Equity, Advocate concerns are outlined from groups including the Broadway Advocacy Coalition and Broadway Black. Change is on the way, and we’re delighted to report that ATCA’s voice is represented.

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