Denver: Crossing the Line?

Denver: Crossing the Line?

One joy of the watching new play readings is the electricity of discovery.

It’s Saturday morning and day three (or two) of ATCA’s conference at the Colorado New Play Summit. The full staging of the play “When Tang Met Laika” would take a longer entry to review.

We’re rightfully barred from reviewing the works-in-progress readings, but suffice it to say that while one of the three we’ve seen was an unmitigated mess, the other two had me jazzed enough to confer with my Florida colleague, Chris Dolen, about which local theaters would be the best fit for these works. I also asked the Denver Center’s artistic director whether they really had first call on these gems. I can’t wait to share them with some of the regional theaters back home.

I’ve done this before as chair of the ATCA New Plays Committee, passing on a promising script. It worries me a little about where the ethical line is. But I ensure that there is a crystal clear understanding with the theaters that there is no guarantee that I’ll like the final script or be well-disposed to a good review of their unique production.

I’m curious whether he rest of you think this crosses a line.

—  Bill Hirschman, chair of ATCA new play committee, Ft. Lauderdale

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