Full-time theater critic opportunity at Washington Post

Full-time theater critic opportunity at Washington Post

After years (and years) of declining theater critic opportunities, the retirement of the great Peter Marks leads to an opportunity for the profession: a full time gig at the Washington post with the expectation to cover DC, New York, and beyond.

The online job description begins with thrilling prose.

“The Washington Post is seeking an exceptional theater critic to be the paper’s leading voice on the artform, helping us rethink our coverage while writing trenchantly and imaginatively on productions in Washington, New York and beyond. 

We’re looking for a curious, discerning and lively audience surrogate whose recommendations consumers will trust, as well as a journalist who will be immersed in two vibrant theater towns. One who’s eager to take some big swings: We want this writer to enrich readers’ thinking about the American stage, from new works to revivals, from dramas to musicals, and on the surprising ways that theater manifests across the culture.

We’re eager to shape this role around the successful candidate, though we’ll expect you to widen the aperture of the job, both in terms of the kinds of works a critic considers and the way that one considers them. It’ll be fun. But you tell us what a Washington Post theater critic should – and could – be in 2024.”

Full job application information here.

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