Humana at last

Humana at last

I’m finally doing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time — attend the Humana Festival of New Plays. I can’t wait to go home so that I can start planning on coming back year after year.

This event energizes not only playwrights, producers et al. It also energizes audiences, including critics. There’s a young, exciting vibe here and I’ve been soaking it up … along with a few Guinnesses at nearby O’Sheas, a pub teeming with friendliness and appealing warmth. It’s been fun running into ATCA friends and meeting new theater people. Ask anyone what they think of a show we’ve all seen and they’re happy to launch into honest, intelligent responses. That’s always invigorating.

So far, my husband, John, and I have seen: “Heist,” a site specific play about a, you guessed it, heist. It began late — 11 p.m. — so it was a challenge to stay on our feet and follow actors as they led us from building to building in dreadful weather (cold and rainy). The next was “The Method Gun,” wow … The show really snuck up on me. Unique. “Sirens” late afternoon … charming production. “Fissures” in the evening. More today and tomorrow.

BTW, if you ever get to Humana, be sure to contact their press office. Their staff is professional and friendly. And you might get invited to a cocktail party or two. It’s not exactly cocktails … it’s a party filled with food and drink in a glorious setting.

So, all my ATCA friends: I’ll see you at the O’Neill, for sure … and next year at the Humana for sure.

— Pam Harbaugh, Florida

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