Official day #1: Had an animated and exciting conversation with one of the many directors at the O’Neill. It was so much fun talking theater ideas. Only lasted a couple of minutes, but it was so intense it’s easy to see how inspiring and motivating this place can be for theater artists.

Official day #2 (only day #2 ?!):  Visited the Monte Cristo Cottage and felt very humbled to be in the location where “Long Day’s Journey…” and “Ah, Wilderness!” were set. Spirited discussion about how to use the internet to promote readership of one’s own reviews.

Still day #2…  A visit to the Goodspeed Opera House revealed the unexpected joy of polished musical theater in a serene setting. Learned much about the venerable regional theater. Really opened my eyes.

— Pam Harbaugh, Satellite Beach, Fl.

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