Robert Faires | An accidental critic hangs up his pen

Robert Faires | An accidental critic hangs up his pen

ATCA member Robert Faires reports that he has departed from his long-term writing home at The Austin Chronicle.

Robert Faires

“I’ve finally taken my leave from the one and only paper I’ve ever worked for, the altweekly The Austin Chronicle. I was a freelancer covering theater for seven years, starting in 1984, then after a two-year break was asked to join the staff in 1993 as the Chronicle‘s first Arts Editor. It was shortly after that that I became a part of ATCA and served on the Executive Committee (1997-2003). I don’t know if there are too many of us who spend their entire career with one outlet anymore.”

His farewell feature “Last Bow of an Accidental Critic” can be found here.

His Austin Chronicle bio includes the breath of his career — from the fact the was named by American Theatre in 2011 to a list of 12 of the country’s most influential theater critics to the fact that he has worked on more than 75 Austin area productions as actor, director, and writer since 1980.

Congratulations, Robert. We look forward to years with you here in ATCA in different roles, and seeing you on the aisle as a civilian theater enthusiast.

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