Membership is open to any writer who regularly publishes substantive pieces reviewing or otherwise critically covering theater. 

There are three classes of membership, Full, Associate and Emeritus. All three classes participate fully in the life of the organization, but only full members may be elected to the executive committee.

How to join

You may join only as a full member, supplying eight reviews from the past 12 months as evidence that you are a currently practicing critic; full members then submit three recent reviews each time they renew. 

Associate members are those full members who notify the organization that they no longer meet this condition of entry but wish to continue their affiliation. (To repeat: you may not join as an associate member; you can only transition to associate from full membership in good standing when your active reviewing ends.)

Emeritus status is conferred by the executive committee to honor distinguished service to the theater and/or to ATCA, generally on those who are no longer actively reviewing.

The membership year runs from June 1 to May 31 but you may join at any time. Those who join in the last five months of the membership year (e.g. after Jan. 1), will be considered paid up through the following year. (This does not apply to members who renew late.) Dues are $100 per year.

Each applicant should, if possible, be sponsored by a current member and must submit an application (link below) accompanied by eight reviews from the previous 12 months. Applicants who do not know an ATCA member should contact Robert SokolATCA Operations Manager, at the address listed below; membership chair Anne Siegel; or ATCA chair William Hirschman.

Download application

For information and membership inquiries contact:

ATCA Operations Manager, Robert Sokol

American Theatre Critics Association
584 Castro Street - #119
San Francisco, CA  94114

o: 415.964.8040 | f: 415.869.3700




Applicants who do not know an ATCA member should contact Christopher Curcio directly.

Download Application

For information and membership inquiries contact Christopher Curcio, ATCA Administrator:


(602) 956-2310

American Theatre Critics Association

P.O. Box 26945

Phoenix, AZ 85068