The Foundation of the American Theatre Critics Association, Inc.
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Formed in 1991, Foundation ATCA is a public, not-for-profit, tax-exempt charitable corporation — organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code — that provides financial and other tangible support for scholarships, critics’ institutes, ATCA awards, educational talks and seminars and other eligible programs.


All dues-paying members of ATCA are also members of the separate and distinct Foundation. The Foundation has its own officers and board of directors, overlapping with ATCA’s, who work closely with ATCA to assist critics in their professional development and support the theater community in general.


The Foundation has a set goal, not yet achieved, of raising sufficient funds to support its grants and programs from its annual investment income. Donations to Foundation ATCA may be sent c/o Tim Dodson, 780 NE 69th Street, Apt 807, Miami, FL 33138 (tel. 305-756-6763).


For information on how to participate in or ortherwise assist the Foundation, contact Jay Handelman, President, Foundation ATCA, 941-361-4931 or


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2016-17 Board of Directors

The Foundation board consists of the ATCA executive committee plus Class B directors who are elected for one-year terms renewable without limit. The term year varies, running from one to another of ATCA’s annual conferences, when the Foundation annual meetings also take place. In the following list, ATCA excom members have the years of their current terms indicated; the others are Class B directors.

Jay Handelman, President
Wendy Rosenfield (2014-17), Vice-President
Kerry Reid (2016-19), Treasurer
Chris Rawson, Secretary
Barbara Bannon
Susan Cohn (2016-19)
Ellen Foreman
Charles Giuliano (2016-17)
Lou Harry (2014-17)
Brad Hathaway (2015-18)
Bill Hirschman (2016-19)
Glenn Loney
Lynn Rosen
Eddie Rubin (2015-18)
Martha Steketee (2015-18)


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