ATCA is governed by a nine-member executive committee. Three full ATCA members are elected to three-year terms at each annual conference. No one may serve more than two terms consecutively, although they may run again after being off the excom. The excom elects its own chair and vice-chair as well as ATCA’s secretary and treasurer, and it appoints chairs of standing and ad hoc committees.


Current Committees

NOTE that some committees are always in flux, as membership and activities change.


ATCA Executive Committee (2016-17)

(elected to three-year terms, two consecutive full terms maximum; officers are re-elected each year; secretary and treasurer need not be elected members of ex-com; “first [or second] term” in this list refers to current service on the excom — some may have served before)

Bill Hirschman, Chair (second term, 2016-19)

Brad Hathaway, Vice-Chair (first term, 2015-18)

Barbara Bannon, Secretary (ex-officio)

Susan Cohn (first term, 2016-19)

Charles Giuliano (second partial term, 2016-17)

Lou Harry (first term, 2014-17)

Teddie Hathaway, Treasurer (ex-officio)

Kerry Reid (first term, 2016-19) 

Wendy Rosenfield (second term, 2014-17)

Eddie Rubin (first term, 2015-18)

Martha Steketee (first term, 2015-18)



Robert Sokol, Operations Manager


Committee memberships, perhaps still in flux
Committee chairs are appointed by the excom chair, with the advice and consent of the excom, and then committee members are appointed by the committee chairs (perhaps also with advice and consent of the excom chair).



Teddie Hathaway, Treasurer

Robert Sokol (ex-officio)

Bill Hirschman (ex-officio)

Erin Keane

Kerry Reid


New Plays (Steinberg and Osborn Awards)

Lou Harry, Chair

Kathy Allen

Misha Berson

Bruce Burgun

Lindsay Christians

Mark Cofta

Evans Donnell

Pam Harbaugh

Michael P. Howley

Erin Keane

Jerry Kraft

Mark Lowry

Julius “Jay” Novick

Marjorie Oberlander

Kathryn Osenlund

Wendy Parker

Frank Rizzo

David Sheward

Herb Simpson

Martha Steketee

Dan Sullivan

Perry Tannenbaum


Primus Prize

Barbara Bannon, Chair

Julie York Coppens

Marianne Evett

Michael P. Howley

Kerry Reid

Lynn Rosen 

Herb Simpson 



Jeffrey Eric Jenkins, Chair

Jonathan Abarbanel

Linda Ayres-Frederick

Robert Cohen

Tish Dace

Lawrence DeVine

Mario Fratti

Jay Handelman

Brad Hathaway

Michael P. Howley 

Angelika Jansen-Brown

Marie Kilker

Glenn Loney 


Ethical Standards

Victor Gluck, Chair

Scott Bennett 

Jessica Goldman 

Mary Johnson 

Simon Saltzman

Anne Siegel

Robert Sokol 

Russell Warne 

Lauren Yarger

Professional Development 

Brad Hathaway, Chair

Kathy Allen 

J. W. Arnold 

Roy Berko 

Misha Berson 

David Siegel 

Jeff Walker


Regional Theatre Awards

Chris Jones, Chair

Chris Rawson, Vice-Chair



Chris Rawson, Co-chair

Brad Hathaway, Co-chair

Nancy S Bishop 

Sharon Eberson

Jessica Goldman

Elizabeth Kramer

Jonathon Mandell, social media

Ed Rubin

Robert Sokol

Jose Solis, social media

Leslie Torvik, web (ex-officio)


Membership Services 

Anne Siegel, Chair

Charles Giuliano

Jessica Goldman

Pam Harbaugh

Mark Lowry

Jack Lyons

Ed Rubin 



Wendy Rosenfield, Chair

Howard Shapiro, Philadelphia

Alan Smason, New Orleans

Robert Sokol, San Francisco

Conference advisory: Jonathan Abarbanel (Chicago), Linda Ayres-Frederick, Sherri Eaker (New York), Lou Harry (Indianapolis), Michael Howley, Carolyn Kelemen, Chris Rawson (Shaw/Stratford, O’Neill, Oregon Shakes), Ed Rubin, Debra Wallace 

Ad Hoc Committees


Online voting protocol

Jay Handelman, Chair

Jonathan Abarbanel

Scott Bennett

Rick Pender

Robert Sokol


Ernest Schier (1975-78)

Lawrence DeVine (1978-81)

Clara Hieronymus (1981-84)

Bill Gale (1984-87)

Ann Holmes (Co-chair 1987-88)

Welton Jones (Co-chair 1987-88; chair 1988-91)

Chris Rawson 1 (1991-93)

Marianne Evett (1993-94)

Jay Handelman 1 (1994-96)

Elizabeth Maupin (1996-99)

Jeffrey Eric Jenkins (1999-2001)

Michael Barnes (2001-04)

Rick Pender (2004-05)

Dominic Papatola (2005-07)

Chris Rawson 2 (2007-11)

Jay Handelman 2 (2011-13)

Jonathan Abarbanel (2013-15)

Bill Hirschman (2015- ) 



Henry Hewes (1974-83)

Clara Hieronymus (1984-2001) 


ATCA Emeritus Members

Named in Recognition of Career Distinction and Service to ATCA

Tish Dace

Lawrence DeVine

Marianne Evett

Welton Jones

Glenn Loney

Julius Novick


(Emeritus Members, deceased)

Ira J. Bilowit

Claudia Cassidy

Richard Coe

Henry Hewes

Clara Hieronymus

Ann Holmes

Beatrice MacLeod

Norman Nadel

Elliot Norton

Ernie Schier

Gerald Weales