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Not actually position papers in the intended meaning of this corner of our site, these snippets do, however, at least suggest positions. They are gathered here after having had their week or month (or two) in the home page sun; the initial dates are when they were posted.

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Interview with Dan Sullivan

Andrew McGibbon interviews Dan Sullivan (right) and critics seminar at the O’Neill.the ATCA co-founder and head of the NCI program at the O’Neill Theatre Center.


How (Not?) to Be a Critic

There’s been a spate of recent comments on criticism as chastisement and/or advertising (mainly of books, but we see the connections). For links to pieces by Richard Brody(newyorker.com), Jacob Silverman (slate.com), David Streitfield (nytimes.com), J. Robert Lennon (slate.com) andDwight Garner (nytimes.com), click here


A Critic's Place, Thumb and All

“Is there a future for criticism?” asked A.O. Scott in the NYT, March 31, 2010. He began:

“TWO weeks ago I went to Atlanta to give a talk at a conference devoted, in part, to ‘The Future of Criticism.’ The gist of my remarks was that there is one.

“This was a contrarian, and perhaps also somewhat self-serving, position to take. After all, the countervailing evidence is hard to avoid… . Variety, the leaky flagship of entertainment reporting, had recently let go of its senior film and theater reviewers … . The loss of print jobs is only one aspect of a dire overall picture… .” For his surprisingly positive comments, click here.


Are theater critics . . . critical?

“The future of theater critics and theater criticism seems to have become a popular subject of panels, think pieces, blog posts, and conversations on Twitter,” says Jonathan Mandel. Here’s a nice survey in his New York Theater blog on The Faster Times site: click here.