TIME SENSITIVE: International Conference News

TIME SENSITIVE: International Conference News

The 29th World Congress of the International Association of Theatre Critics (AICT-IATC), which was postponed when the host country withdrew its offer a few months ago due to lack of funding, will now be held in St. Petersburg, Russia. Dates are November 13 through 17, 2018 and will coincide with the festivities of the Europe Theatre Prize.

As the US section of IATC, ATCA will send two delegates. Those delegates should be members who have been active in ATCA matters over the past two years and ATCA provides underwriting of up to $1,000 per delegate for airfare and ground transportation. (Accommodations and most meals are paid by the conference.)

Due to the short deadline for American citizens to receive an appropriate visa to attend the event, ATCA members are requested to contact vice chair Brad Hathaway by this Sunday, June 17 to express interest in serving.

Our Russian counterparts need to receive our official visa application information which will include a registration form they have provided, a copy of the applicant’s passport, and other relevant information by June 30, 2018.

IMPORTANT: Applicants’ passports must have an expiration date of July 2019 or later. Passports expiring by June 30, 2019 will not be accepted.<

We apologize for the last-minute nature of this communication, necessitated by the earlier postponement of the World Congress and the exigencies of obtaining a visa to enter Russia for such an event.

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