Young Critics Seminar in Hungary, March 24-29

Young Critics Seminar in Hungary, March 24-29

Any ATCA member 35 or younger is eligible, and there’s still time to join. Most expenses are paid.
Deadline to apply is Feb. 15.

The International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC) has just announced it will hold a Young Critics Seminar in Hungary in two months’ time, March 24-29. This is a WONDERFUL opportunity for a suitable candidate to engage with global colleagues and gain a deeper knowledge of European theatre. A candidate must be able to pay his/her travel. Once in Hungary, he/she will be housed, fed and possibly even feted a bit. There is also a possibility of a partial travel stipend from Foundation ATCA.

Do not hesitate to self-nominate. If you are over 35, talk about this opportunity with possible candidates you know. In spite of what it says below, all apllications must go through ATCA International Chair Jeffrey Jenkins.

The full information on the IATC website

DESZKA (Contemporary Hungarian Drama Festival),
Debrecen, Hungary, March 24-29, 2014

The IATC is pleased to announce that a seminar for young theatre critics will take place during DESZKA (Contemporary Hungarian Drama Festival), in Debrecen, Hungary between March 24 and 29, 2014. Applications are now open for the seminar (which will work in English only). To apply, you must be a professional critic and aged between 18 and 35. All candidates are invited to send, as soon as possible, their registration form with a brief CV (just one page, please), two or three examples of their work (i.e. critical articles published in professional media), and a letter of recommendation from the person in charge of the IATC section in their country (if your country is an IATC member). All these documents should be sent in a single PDF file if possible. Please make sure of the following:

1) The registration form must be sent by the candidate, not by the IATC section officers.

 [NOTE: For the U.S., applications must go through ATCA International chair Jeffrey Jenkins.] 2) The candidate must have a good proficiency in English. 

Participants in the seminar will be provided with accommodation, meals, theatre tickets, and, for participants travelling by plane, transportation to and from the airport. Participants are required to meet the cost of their travel to Debrecen. Please note that participants may be required to share a hotel room with another participant of the same sex.

 The date of arrival for the seminar is March 24, and the date of departure is March 29.

 The seminar will be monitored by experienced theatre critic and IATC executive committee member Mark Brown (Scotland, UK).

Applications will be accepted until February 15. They must be sent to Adjunct-director of seminars, Mark Brown: and Director of Seminars, Jean-Pierre Han: A final list of all selected participants will be announced as soon as possible, in order to allow participants to prepare for their trip and obtain any necessary visa for Hungary.

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